Go-live with web & mobile photo printing

Photo prints – from their phone to your store!

Local Prints Now is a web & mobile app that lets customers easily place print orders to your store. It’s  free and easy for stores to sign up to the photo print platform. Sign Up Free.


Go live in minutes!

Signup your store for free today and go live in minutes! Following sign up, your store will immediately show up as a print location in Local Prints Now web & mobile apps – making it super simple for customers to place print orders to your store.


App customers are high value customers

The easy print ordering that’s built into Local Prints Now means happy customers and increased store revenues. With apps, customers can order anytime, anywhere and once it’s installed on your customer’s phone, it’s easy for them to order again & again!


Keep control of customer payments  

When an order is placed using Local Prints Now the customer pays in-store. Stores collect payment from customers when they arrive. For large or custom orders many retailers will call the customer to confirm the order before printing, including taking payment over the phone. Instantly boost print volumes with Local Prints Now – and stay in control of customer payments.


Tell me more!

Orders placed via Local Prints Now give rise to revenue share.  Get in touch for our latest rates.


Where can I check out Local Prints Now?

Visit localprintsnow.com or get the app for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Its free & easy to setup your store today. Two things we all love!

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